Ryō - A Decentralized Monetary System(nxt克隆币)

  • 我们想宣布一个分散的货币体系Ryō(日语:両),并邀请您加入我们不断发展的社区。






    Ryō使用新软件,并拥有自己的区块链和钱包用于PC / mac / mobile。Nxt的源代码和Proof of Stake模型对Ryō(尤其是底层区块链技术)产生了很大的影响。我们将有一个小的预设,其中包括创始团队/未来开发工作的百分比。它还将包括一系列空投 - 最初是Nxt所有者,后来是tbd格式。详情仍在解决之中,我们会尽快更新。



  • (原文)
    We would like to announce Ryō (Japanese: 両), a decentralized monetary system, and to invite you to join our growing community.

    Why Ryō?

    Bitcoin has a fixed supply of 21 million coins which causes its price to go up in the long run, just like gold (HODL). This makes it an extraordinary store of value, and a less than ideal medium of exchange. But we also want to be able to use a decentralized currency for our everyday needs: buying a cup of coffee, taking a micro loan or paying for our internet bill.

    FIAT’s monopolistic money market will obviously never be decentralized, and regulators can’t make perfect decisions all the time. They try hard (in some countries...) to make FIAT a useful medium of exchange, but in the long run FIAT currency tends to lose its value.

    We are creating Ryō to be both a stable medium of exchange and a fair store of value. The money market for Ryō has a normal demand and supply curve and the rate at which money is created is dynamically adjusted to fit economic conditions. This way, we are neither limited by fixed supply nor require regulation.

    Learn More

    Ryō uses new software and has its own blockchain and wallets for pc/mac/mobile. Nxt’s source code and Proof of Stake model had a big influence on Ryō (especially the underlying blockchain tech). We will have a small premine which will consist of a percentage for the founding team / future dev efforts. It will also include a series of airdrops - initially to Nxt owners and later on in a tbd format. Details are still being ironed out, we will update on this asap.

    Software development is near completion and we have launched a test net which is currently live. When we launch Ryō, we will open source the code. To participate in the test net, contribute to the project or get involved in some other way, reach out to us through telegram at https://t.me/RyoOfficial. Check out https://ryocoin.io to read the whitepaper.

    P.S. This is NOT an ICO. We are a community of developers and economists.
    P.S.S The root of the word Ryō is the ancient Japanese currency. Check out wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ryō

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