Deployment budget reward tutorial
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  1. Download the client:
  2. Install jdk8, it is not supported if it is too high
  3. Modify the configuration file: in the conf/ file, the 64th line hebe.myPlatform=your hebe address, please open it with WordPad on the win computer, after the modification, then run run.bat.
  4. Visit: Note here that only http connections can be accessed. The server node needs to open port 8082, which can be accessed on the public network, such as:
  5. Click to add : image.png
  6. Select the type to be added: server/local image.png
  7. On the local node, click “Check” to get the data. image.png
  8. Server node, you need to manually enter the node ip, and then click check image.png Finally, click Create.


  1. The address can only be bound to 1 ip
  2. The address has 60,000 hebe, and the mortgage node is not displayed. After the address is required to send a transaction, wait for 1440 blocks, and then wait for the system to synchronize before it is judged as a mortgage node
  3. The basic reward is 200hebe, server node +200hebe, mortgage node +200hebe 4.When the staking node rises, the number of non-staking nodes also decreases